Full Coverage Liquid Concealer

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This highly pigmented an ultra-smooth multifunctional concealer is designed to cover under the eye circles. Complexion, and major imperfections like scars, hyperpigmentation ,burns and tattoos. Oil free formula which is easily blendable and buildable giving you even coverage with a luminous-matte finish. This ultra -lightweight liquid formula never settles into fine lines,and it melds on for a no makeup look while full coverage in an instant PARABEEN-FREE, suitable for all skin types.


why it is different ; This hydrating formula is infused with vitamins ,hyaluronic acid, along with antioxidants, dehydration and help the skin retain moisture, resulting in a brighter looking complexion.Ultra-fine coated pigments with outstanding transparency, broad spectrum protection and light reflecting properties that are designed to remain evenly distributed upon contact with excess sebum for easy application without buildups, and stays in place all day.


"Ethical and Cruelty-Free Makeup" - Never tested on animals or use animal products